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Phish - Madison Square Garden - Night 1 - 12.28.13


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due to audio playback issues with the 720p files and the flash player, only the download links below are available



Madison Square Garden
New York City, NY
December 28, 2013

Set 1: The Wedge, Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan, Mound, Axilla > Birds of a Feather, Wolfman's Brother, Monica, Seven Below > Tube > Free > Julius

Set 2: Sand > Piper > Back on the Train > Tweezer > Backwards Down the Number Line, Steam > Silent in the Morning, Waiting All Night, Run Like an Antelope

Encore: Suzy Greenberg > Tweezer Reprise

This show was officially webcast via LivePhish.com. Monica was preceded by Aw Fuck! and Simpsons signals. Suzy included a synchronized on-stage duel between Trey and Mike.


MP4 Download Link (Set 1)

MP4 Download Link (Set 2)